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Lazy Cat

por Lazy Cat, em 17.02.08




Lazy cat on a roof found a piece of cheese

Drank a drop of water, yelled the sky cheers


Lazy cat on the street found a piece of gold

What she bought with, is a secret never told


Lazy cat on a cloud, travelled far away,

Slept with the wind, came back with the day


Lazy cat on her roof, found out a new cushion

Made very simply of … never ending passion!





publicado às 01:09

12 comentários

De V.A.D. a 17.02.2008 às 02:23

Standing still on the ground
I ear a song full of glory
A never ending story
Made of laughter and joy
Again, I´m a little boy
Incapable of making a sound
I’m listening to a lazy cat,
She’s facing the moonlight
Yelling cheers to the night
I’ve never seen a thing like that!

Have a nice evening!

A kiss, just one kiss... :-)

De Lazy Cat a 17.02.2008 às 14:43

Looking down below,
She sees a man smiling
Calls him up the roof
makes his eyes sparkling.

Takes him by the hand,
Gives him cheese and water
and a Lazy cat kiss
that tastes like no other.

Joyfull songs then,
we hear in two voices
and the neighbours in the night
are yelling out their choices

How wonderfull, check that,
looking at the moon, all night
a man is holding tight
an happy as ever Lazy cat...

De mnike30 a 17.02.2008 às 20:04

Lazy... you're going a little crazy...
But I like your ways of walking...
Yeah, I like it a lot!
Bshsh Bshhshsh


De mnike30 a 17.02.2008 às 20:20

De ______ a 18.02.2008 às 18:26

My beautiful lazy cat I loe you just like the way you are.



De Carlos Lopes a 18.02.2008 às 19:18

Meu deus! Que mudança é esta? Até fere a vista, toda esta luz? Será do fundo vermelho ou é de ti? ;-)

De Cati a 20.02.2008 às 12:54

Adorei a mudança de visual...
Tenho tanta pena de não ter tempo de te ler e comentar como deve ser... tanta!

Um beijo enorme com saudades... não te esqueças desta blogoamiga, a Cati, muitas vezes ausente mas que nunca esquece!

PS - desculpa lá... ando sentimental!

De A. Decker a 26.02.2008 às 00:40

Ooooo! She introduces herself in English! Is this where we first see your logo image? Good choice.
I like your colors, too. Mmm hmm.

Oh yeah, Pink Panther would be great music for this one, but I guess I got here too late for that,

I'll be back.


De Lazy Cat a 26.02.2008 às 22:55

Maybe, if no one skins her, now that she's out of the bag, that Lazy Cat will be back around, and will bring Pink Panther along....maybe...if she's not too busy catting around some new blog she's found....

The logo as you know it, yes. The former colors were shades of Red. I like it better this way too.

Are you scratching ? You should!!!!!

De A. Decker a 27.02.2008 às 18:38

Ha! Ha! Scratching? Right behind those pretty little ears of yours. Can you feel it? Kind of a nuzzle and a scratch? "A little caress for her lithe neck, then rub slowly down her spine 'til her back arches in pleasure.
Are you purring now Lazy Cat, pretty Lazy Cat...?


De Lazy Cat a 27.02.2008 às 22:41

Purring, indeed!

God! Please come back and scratch my back anytime!
-arching in pleasure?- Hummmmmmm! I mean....

Been exploring your place!
I may have found something else to steal...

De A. Decker a 28.02.2008 às 20:16

Oooooooo! Steal away! I can't wait to see what!

Here's another nuzzle behind your ears, and a nice, long, slow, scratchy rub, alllll the way down to your smoothe, twitching tail. Scratch, scratch...


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