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Te Quiero

por Lazy Cat, em 27.06.08


Te quiero

Y no sé como decirlo

Me huyen las palabras,

Se parten como un hilo


Te quiero

Aunque no sepa enseñarte

El color de mi alma

Que se duele de amarte


Te quiero

Como me quiero a mi

Como no se quiere a nadie

Sino yo te quiero a ti








Letra da música

publicado às 16:13

10 comentários

De A. Decker a 28.06.2008 às 22:09

Beautiful picture! I don't have time to try and translate right now, but I'll be back.

Here's some *ScratchScratch* for you, 'til then.

De KI a 29.06.2008 às 02:59

¿Es un dano querer sin sornrisa

¿Quieres el momento para toda la vida

maravilloso como de costumbre

besos perdidos en el tiempo

[Estoy tranquila esperando tu regresar]

De KI a 02.07.2008 às 02:35

Estoy más tranquila :)

De *PuZzLe* a 04.07.2008 às 11:55

Welcome to:

A tua visita é importante

De *PuZzLe* a 04.07.2008 às 12:33


De zm a 19.07.2008 às 06:45


"Como no se quiere a nadie"

Ou tudo se quer sem saber o querer...

De Cati a 19.07.2008 às 11:49

I miss you Kiity Cat.

Big kiss*

De A. Decker a 19.07.2008 às 22:04

KittyKittyKitty!!! Where you are, my furry friend? Missing you.

I tried Babelfish on this post, didn't do much good. It seems about desire, but I can't tell for who or what.
A feline translation would be nice. Like, scratch behind the ears, rub all the way down the back nice.

I hope, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're purrrrrring...

The painting's still enchanting. Are you a Scorpio?

De Lazy Cat a 22.07.2008 às 23:10

I'm a Libra. Venusian.....

Should have tried spanish instead of portuguese.

It says:

I love you
and don't know how to say so
words run away from me
break like a thread

I love you
even if I can´t show
the colour of my soul
hurt from loving you so

I love you just as I love me
as no one loves anyone
but you

something like
I love you like only fools can love...

: )))))

I'm around.....always.
On your roof somewhere....

De A. Decker a 23.07.2008 às 00:25

Lazy, baby! A Libra, I should have known. And Venusian to boot! Did we meet in a past life?

Your translation is lovely, almost painfully so. Like cats wrestling in the night. The energy, the passion, I mean--not the caterwauling!;-p

Spanish, eh? I'll remember that.

You can hang out on my roof anytime.

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