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por Lazy Cat, em 31.05.12

What is left
when leaves
fall from the tree,
when children grow,
when your heart
spills out
On the floor,
when years
pass by unnoticed,
when you look
at your reflection
and only see glass?

What is left
when you're standing
at the bottom
looking up
to an impermeable cap?
Wild animals may
chew off their own leg,
to free themselves
when trapped
but not us
we give up and die,
We cannot face
the painful torment
to survive.

Maybe, I'm wrong
many of us do fight
and what do we gain,
a few more years,
without a leg
to stand on?
Live life
to the fullest
or just live to die?
Does it really matter?
Will you miss me
when I'm gone?

By Aggy Bouksten
Sad poem 
odd life 
the sun up in the sky, 
sleeping under the stars  
a book of honor to go by
my book said 
only love would show the way trough
I must have closed my eyes 
'cause it brought me right to you!
or... I didn't listen and choosed you...

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